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The ITI team conducts comprehensive research on access to world markets. This work results in identification of promising export directions, as well as existing restrictions and possible ways to overcome them.

Trade barriers are identified by analyzing tariff regulation, trade protection measures (anti-dumping, special protective and countervailing measures), requirements in the area of technical regulation, sanitary and phytosanitary control, customs procedures and other national or supranational trade regulation measures constituting restrictions for export supplies and financial burdens for exporters.

In order to assist foreign importing companies the ITI experts conduct studies on mandatory requirements and conformity assessment procedures applied to goods being imported on the basis of analysis of EAEU technical regulations, Russian technical regulations, mandatory national and interstate standards and documents of government agencies. Results of such studies provide the necessary level of awareness of technical barriers and SPS measures for participants of foreign economic activities.

The ITI team also assesses effectiveness of introduction of TBT measures (technical measures) for protection of national markets and studies the impact of TBT measures on the volume of international trade. On orders of the Russian companies the ITI experts conduct studies on effectiveness of introduction of mandatory verification of conformity of the goods, its impact on competition on commodity markets. The ITI experts participate in development of national and interstate standards in the area of conformity assessment on the basis of study of the best practices in this area.

It is important to note that ITI is engaged in development of a positioning strategy for a company, a group of companies or a project within the framework of the Eurasian integration. ITI provides expert support to the interested representatives of the public and private sector in the course of international negotiations on application of the trade protection measures, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, subsidies and technical regulation measures.

The ITI team conducts research in the following areas:

  • regional trade agreements and Mega-regional trade agreements, in particular TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership), and development of the Eurasian economic integration;
  • formation of the business community position in the course of international negotiations on conclusion of agreements for trade and economic cooperation and a free trade zone based on the EAEU;
  • analysis of key trends in international trade and their impact on the economies of Russia and the EAEU member countries;
  • integration processes within the EAEU single market area and ways of integration of the Union with the rest of the world;
  • analysis and in-depth understanding of stages and the current state of affairs of the Eurasian economic integration: completed steps experience, current challenges and emerging opportunities;
  • trade barriers, in particular trade protection measures, technical barriers to trade, SPS measures, as well as verification of results of conformity assessment and laboratory tests, approximation of legislation in the area of technical regulation;
  • comprehensive analysis of impact of trade measures and barriers (TBT, SPS, special protection, anti-dumping, etc.) on the international trade within individual industries;
  • assessment of impact of trade measures and barriers on performance of individual companies;
  • disclosure and development of export potential of the Russian companies.


Russian Export Center JSC (REC), Eurasian Economic Commission, United Company RUSAL, Holding company EUROCEMENT group, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.