15 May 2018
Vladimir Salamatov took part in the Tokarev.Delo program on RBC

The host Kirill Tokarev broached the subject of the presidents of the United States and China joining their efforts to restore the Chinese company ZTE, which announced suspension of its core activities due to American sanctions.

V.Iu. Salamatov made reference to the history and reminded of the Great Depression, introduction of high customs duties in 1929 in the United States in order to protect domestic producers, which failed to have the desired effect. It was noted that such measures should be treated with caution. In the circumstances concerned the US president acted as the head of a large corporation that has labor resources and production capacities that are not being used effectively enough. That is, he created some kind of a “fence”.

V.Iu. Salamatov noted that the term “fair rules” had recently appeared in the international trade. For that reason the US president considered that certain concluded agreements “are unfair and need to be reviewed”. During the discussion attention was paid to the issues of impact of the US sanctions on the Russian market and tendencies expected in the future.

The US Department of Commerce has lifted a ban on supply of components for smartphones of the Chinese company ZTE from the US manufacturers. Easing in respect of ZTE will allow the company to save its smartphone manufacturing business and return to the US market.