04 June 2020
Anna Tangaeva: The pandemic continues to influence trade policies, though not as strongly as before

Anna Tangaeva, Head of Trade Regime Analysis Division, ITI, presents an overview of main changes in trade measures introduced in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a huge challenge to national healthcare systems. Containment measures are having a significant effect on global economy. The global demand for medical supplies which are necessary for the fight against the pandemic has reached an unprecedented level. Driven by an acute shortage of such goods at national level, countries introduce a growing number of export bans and restrictions.

The latest WTO members’ notifications about pandemic-related trade regulation measures demonstrate that the pandemic continues to influence trade policies, though not as strongly as before.

For more information about trade measures introduced by various countries in March/April 2020, please see the «Trade policies during the pandemic» article on our website.

Like the month before, trade regulation measures were introduced with a view to liberalizing imports and restricting exports. At the same time, some countries where the pandemic is coming to an end have started to lift restrictions introduced earlier.

Read more in the «Trade policies during the pandemic» article on our website.