03 February 2020
Vladimir Salamatov speaks about implementing the 'regulatory guillotine' mechanism in RusAccreditation

Vladimir Salamatov, General Director of the International Trade and Integration Research Center (ITI) spoke in an interview to Vedomosti about the progress in implementing the ’regulatory guillotine’ mechanism at the Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation).

Of the 45 working groups established for the regulatory guillotine project, this agency was the first to prepare documentation about eliminating outdated mandatory requirements for companies registered with the national accreditation system of Russia. The Government has already approved the decision on abolishing post-Soviet regulatory requirements, and the corresponding resolution has been published on the Official Portal of Legal Information.

The Ministry of Economy and RusAccreditation are ready to present the next document abolishing another 11 government resolutions and nearly 70 agency-level legal acts.

«These include the requirements for non-state inspection of project documentation and certification rules dated 1993–2003. These legal instruments are long outdated because now there is the law on technical regulation, among other things, and EAEU regulations are also applied», Vladimir Salamatov explained.

Thus, the process of deregulating accreditation has been successfully launched. However, by the time the abolished acts become void, government officials will have to prepare new versions of regulatory norms and have them approved.

«As yet, they haven’t set safety standards for all kinds of products. This work remains to be done», Vladimir Salamatov pointed out.

The abolished requirements will be replaced with a new regulatory project based on an up-to-date structure of statutory regulation in accreditation which will integrate all the new trends and requirements of international organizations.

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