26 September 2019
The Russian Export Center is the primary source of information for exporters

On September 26, General Director of ITI Vladimir Salamatov took part in a session of the Export subgroup of the Economics and Finance working group of the State Council of the Russian Federation. The working group is headed by Maxim Reshetnikov, Governor of the Perm Krai.

The strategic session was held in the World Café format as part of the II Interregional Export Forum in Perm. It was attended by Maxim Reshetnikov, Governor of the Perm Krai, and Andrey Slepnev, Director General of the Russian Export Center JSC.

The participants of the session noted that the existing instruments of state support for entering foreign markets are widely used by Russian businesses, which proves that the instruments are effective and much needed. However, some prospective exporters still don't know where they can find information to help them quickly sell their products abroad.

"The primary source is the Russian Export Center. They have detailed information about markets and production volumes of products similar to yours. But the main thing is that they have actual requirements for products as formulated in different countries. The information is as precise as possible, with not only types of requirements but also their sources. Moreover, you'll find certification authorities and testing laboratories to help you check the quality of your product against market requirements before entering the market," Vladimir Salamatov said.

During the session, Andrey Slepnev, Director General of the Russian Export Center, presented a test version of REC's export navigator. "We've got a beta version of the navigator with assessment of countries, partners, restrictions, and customs duties. On a short-term horizon, we'll make it available to general public. Sign up. We'll add you and will test it on you", Andrey Slepnev said.

The REC Director emphasized that the Center already participates in 11 programs of state support for exports this year. It is planned to add a range of new support measures in the nearest future and to update some of the existing methods of subsidiary support, such as cash rebate, certification and adaptation of exported services to foreign market requirements, patenting intellectual property abroad, and loan subsidies from commercial banks to support exporters of services.

The session of the subgroup was also attended by representatives of exporting companies and executive authorities from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm Krai, Udmurtia, Bashkortostan, and other regions. The attendees discussed topical issues and spoke about best regional practices aimed at enhancing exports.