Exporter’s Guide


To provide information and consulting support to Russian exporters, an online information and consulting guidelines titled Exporter's Guide. Key Export Constraints Associated with Technical Barriers to Trading, Ways and Methods for Overcoming Them were developed. This Guide integrated into the portal of JSC Russian Export Centre and, in particular, into the Barriers Navigator interactive analytical portal is a new and novel form of training materials that the exporter needs to understand the requirements of foreign markets.

The Guide contains a section devoted to basic terms related to barriers to trade (including standardisation, technical regulations, labeling, conformity assessment) based on such documents as the Agreement on Technical Barriers to WTO Trade, Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures in WTO Trade, ISO/IEC 2 Standardisation and Related Activities. Vocabulary, МС 17000 Conformity Assessment. Vocabulary and General Principles, Conformity Assessment: Terminology, Abbreviations vocabulary.

The Guide describes main types of barriers to trade, and details technical barriers associated with mandatory requirements to be set for goods and production processes, types of conformity assessment and procedures necessary to obtain documents on assessed goods conformity to labeling and packaging requirements.

The Guide describes examples of application of technical barriers to trade by various countries (including China, Republic of Korea, India, Singapore, Egypt) in relation to certain industrial products of certain industrial groups, specifies how technical barriers to trade are overcome in practice, exporter’s model for overcoming technical barriers to trade, as well as existing contacts of authorised entities in foreign countries responsible for breaking down barriers related to certain products.