10 July 2018
Modern problems of management, marketing and entrepreneurship

The monograph prepared on the basis of the discussion at the First Gerchikova Readings “Modern Problems of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship” provides a comprehensive analysis of a wide range of problems of development and functioning of business entities in the modern dynamic environment. Various theoretical and application issues of evolution of companies’ operations and transformation of their business models in the context of complex processes in the global economy at the beginning of the XXI century are considered in detail. The book provides detailed analysis of trends of development of international management, globalization and glocalization concepts as the main scenarios for development of international marketing, addresses issues of strategic management and corporate management in international business, highlights modern trends in innovative entrepreneurship, issues of branding and strategic communications, studies problems of competitiveness of firms and issues of foreign economic activity of the Russian companies. For managers of all management levels, specialists in marketing, branding and foreign economic activity, entrepreneurs, researchers, graduate students.

Edited and prefaced by Doctor of Economics, Professor N.Iu. Konina.


N.Iu. Konina, R.B Nozdrev, V.A. Burenin and others.