02 August 2017
India. Technical Regulation and Market Access Issues: Analytical Review of the Technical Regulation System of India and Market Access Conditions by Industry and Product

The review contains description of possible technical, sanitary and phytosanitary barriers to trading with India. This is the second book in a series of analytical reviews of the Russian Export Center “Technical Regulation of the Countries — Russia’s Trading Partners”, where the main technical barriers and requirements for access to the markets of countries that the Russian supplier may face are analyzed.

The book contains a lot of practical information about the country and will be useful, first of all, to the Russian exporters. The review will also be useful to teachers of higher educational institutions, students and post-graduate students majoring in economics, as it contains unique material about the technical regulation system and conditions for access to the Indian market.

Edited by:

S.V. Koldaev, Candidate of Juridical Sciences


V.G. Abyzov; I.Z. Aronov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; I.Iu. Gorshkova; R.M. Gubenko; A.M. Rybakova, Candidate of Biological Sciences; V.Iu. Salamatov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Candidate of Engineering Sciences; E.V. Shkolnikova