07 June 2019
ITI experts on application of Chow test to estimate the effect of mutual recognition agreements

Iosif Aronov, Anna Rybakova, Vladimir Salamatov, Anna Tangaeva, and Natalia Galkina prepared an article titled "Application of Chow Test to Estimate the Effect of Mutual Recognition Agreements" which was later published in the International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences.

Using the mutual recognition agreement between the EU and Israel as an example, the researchers employ the Chow test to study the effect of mutual recognition agreements on volumes of export and import of the parties to such agreements. The article demonstrates that such agreements have the greatest popularity with small enterprises and newcomers to export markets. Exporters who have been on the market for a long time and have already established their own contacts, are unwilling to change their customary strategies and less frequently avail themselves of the opportunities provided by mutual recognition agreements.

For the full text of the article, see the website of the journal or the Articles section of our website.