12 February 2018
Overview of the conformity assessment systems of the Asian countries

Acquaintance with conformity assessment systems, rules and procedures that are used in the Asian countries should facilitate the entry of national producers of the EAEU member states into the Asian markets. The authors agree with the thesis of J. Studwell, editor-in-chief of the China Economic Quarterly: “... states must force their strongest and most productive entrepreneurs to work for export, generally, against their will. Firms that are able to make money at home in a secure environment are always reluctant to compete globally”. Since description of the conformity assessment systems of many Asian countries, even short one, could take up the annual volume of the magazine, the authors limited themselves to analysis of the conformity assessment systems of four countries: in this issue of PQC (Product Quality Control) — PRC (China), Republic of India (India). Findings on countries, such as the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Singapore, can be found in the second part of the article. 


Aronov I.Z., Rybakova A.M., Salamatov V.Yu., Shakkaliyev A.A.


Product quality control

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